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20% discount at Eli's Pub

The pub was founded in 2004 and is located inside a 300 year old building which was used as a Turkish Hammam (bath) during the period of the Ottoman’s rule in Israel. The spacious place is designed as an Irish pub and offers a great verity of draft beers, varied cuisines and a pool table on the second floor. Moreover, different music concerts take place regularly in the pub: Jam sessions on Mondays, Jazz on Wednesdays and all sorts of live music on Saturdays. It is located only a few houses away from the Port Inn, and offers 20% discount to our guests.

Opening hours start from 20:30. Phone: 04-852-5550

20% discount at Barki Pub

barki_pub Near portinn

A large neighborhood pub located in the centre of an old stone plaza, with a design similar to European pubs. Here you will always find a happy and friendly atmosphere, friendly staff, and most importantly- 9 taps of beers from the keg, from all over the world. In the summertime you’ll find a big pub that’s mostly under the sky, and in winter, a large, warm and friendly place. Open every night from 20:00. 048699757 | 0544258904

20% discount at Syncopa Pub


In the heart of Downtown Haifa, in a beautiful two-story stone building with a balcony to the mountain and port, there is a bar that offers its costumers everything out of the ordinary.While the first floor functions as usual, the second floor offers exhibitions, parties and live shows. Opens at 21:00 and stays open until the last customer. Port Inn guests are entitled to a 20% discount. 0546142643 | 0509188899

20% discount at Jack Pub


A Haifa tapas bar for fans of excellent food, fine alcohol and good music. A place to end the day and start the night. Open every night from 20:30. 048535668

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